I'm guessing that you are here because you are thinking of having some counselling. It is a big decision and can be a daunting one. Please take care to look at a few different counsellors. Counselling is all about the relationship you have with your therapist. It is important that you feel understood and heard, empathised with and not judged. 


Counselling Directory and BACP are all good places to start, as you can read a bit about each counsellor and get a sense of whether you think you can work together. Make sure that whoever you choose is BACP registered as this shows that they are an ethical practitioner who is fully trained. For more information on this please take a look at my blog page. 

If you are thinking I could be worth a go, then read on and you will find out a bit more about how I work.

If you do wish to get in touch then please contact me on the above email address or phone number, through Counselling Directory or BACP. We can arrange a thirty minute free consultation and take it from there. 

We are human. We are flesh and blood and skin and bones. We have hormones and complex brains. Every one of us is unique yet we often tend to believe that we all think and feel the same. Sometimes it can feel like we are going crazy and we can be very good at hiding what is really going on. You think everyone else is ok but most of us struggle with something at some point in our lives. Thoughts feelings and behaviour can become muddled and confusing. It can be almost as though we are in constant battle with ourselves.

Rather than asking "What is wrong with me?" it is usually more helpful to ask "What has happened to me?" We are our experiences. What often happens is that in order to cope with these experiences we lose sight of who we are and what we want from life. Most of us focus on meeting the expectations of others without taking the time to think about our own needs. We put these to one side in the interest of doing the right thing, but this can then cause problematic thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

When we are going through a tough time, or even with just day to day stuff, we quite often don't want to burden others with our problems, especially if they have troubles of their own. There can also be a fear that others will judge us or be hurt by what we say.  This can be lonely and exhausting.

Did you ever have a problem to solve and saying it out loud to someone else helped you get to the answer? That's how counselling works. Explaining things to a person who will not judge you and has no emotional connection to what you are saying, helps you to understand yourself and others. I will ask you questions to prompt you to think more deeply about certain aspects of what you are saying. This process is sometimes challenging but done gently and at your pace. 

About Me

Hello! I am Jackie Villars. Welcome to my website! This bit is just to let you know what I look like and how I am qualified to help you.

I have a first class BA (Hons) in Counselling and Psychotherapy and am fully insured. I have a portable enhanced DBS and am a member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. I have also been a lecturer in counselling. 

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